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I’m Alessa, your fiery passionate guide to help you spark your inner fire.


I am the founder of Souvenirs and Sparkles, a platform that is all about inspiring you to step into your passion. I am giving you the tools to step into your purpose and be a powerful and creativity-sparking visionary who owns her life full of passion and expression.

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It is my core belief that we cannot shine brighter if we do not know our shadow side, the dark stuff. That is why at Souvenirs and Sparkles we do it different, we learn to embrace the darkness before we light our match. We work through our pain, because we want our scars to be the reason we now reach for the stars. 

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My Blog 

Sharing all things shadow work, creativity, passion and spirituality.

Three Easy Shadow Work Practices

Three Easy Shadow Work Practices

So… you might have heard about shadow work, and how it can accelerate your growth, but you are still wondering how to actually do this? I got you!  Before I dive into three ways on how to do shadow work, let me first give you an intro to what shadow work actually is. ...

What I Want My Circle To Understand About My Spirituality

What I Want My Circle To Understand About My Spirituality

I found my spirituality this year, this is what I want my circle to know…  My entire life, I have felt drawn to spiritual “stuff”. It started when I was little, my grandma practiced Reiki, and whenever I felt down, or just randomly after school, she would do a Reiki...

In Loving Memory of my Dog

In Loving Memory of my Dog

To my dog… My sweet Rusty, I was so lucky to call you my companion for 13 years. I still remember the day we went to pick you up. I just got into sixth grade and it was a pretty spontaneous decision, we had looked for a dog for about a month, but we saw you that day...

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Ever since I was a kid, I have always wanted to be an author, my biggest dream is to one day write a novel.
Until then, I will share my short stories, poems, and non-fiction ramblings about topics that are close to my heart. 
You can find a small selection of my work in the link below, or you can join my Patreon to get access to my full library. 


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