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Spring is finally around the corner and this March is a beautiful month for working on your purpose. When I say purpose, I don’t mean that only in relation to your career, I am talking about whatever you are feeling called to do – whether that is helping others, creating art or using your voice to speak up for others. 

This energy update includes an insight into the numerology & astrology of the month along with some recommendations of how to best use these energies to walk further along on the path of your purpose. 

So let’s get right into it!

March 2021 Numerology: Number 8 Month

This March holds the vibrational energy of the number 8 (3+2+2+1=8). 8 is the number of abundance and money, so this is a perfect month to focus on what you want to be known for in the world that ideally also earns you money. 

It is a great time to either look deeper into what you want to create in this life, what you want your work to look like and how this all aligns with your talents & values. 

The number 8 is great for growth, and you will be supported in making progressing. But obviously this won’t happen without you putting some work in, but before you start hustling right away, let’s have a look at the astrology first! 

March 2021 Astrology

To sum it up: Sit back and go with the flow of creativity until the 20th, and then start bringing those ideas to life from the 21st onwards!
Note: I am not an expert in astrology, this is just what I have been researching and what I will be implementing in my own life and while I am pretty confident about what I’m sharing here, I just wanted to disclaim this 🙂 

We are still in Pisces Season until the 20th, so everything feels a little bit more dreamy and we are supported in the creative realm. Our intuition is also heightened, so this is a really great time to turn inwards. In relation to your purpose & the numerology of this month, use the rest of Pisces season to listen to your heart and soul for some insights on your purpose, no matter if you’re already living it or if you are still searching! The Piscean waters are great to adjust your sails so that you can make sure you will be putting the Aries fire towards your true passion and not wasting it on the wrong projects.

As Pisces supports the inner work, you might also want to do some inner spring cleaning by doing shadow work! We all have shadows that are holding us back from stepping into our purpose, so if you want to enter Aries season full speed ahead, use this time to work on inner blocks. I would be honored to help you in the process – I am offering shadow work single sessions, for more information click here

In addition to the Sun, Venus is also in Pisces until the 21st. So the planet of love is in the dreamy realms of the Fish as well for even more creative energy. This is quite literally the definition of “spring feelings” and seeing everything through rose-colored glasses. So while we are supported in dreaming and creating as well as getting intuitive insights, we must make sure to not lose a grip on reality. Make sure to ground yourself! 

With Mercury still in Aquarius until the 15th, so we still experience the unconventional & rule-breaking attitude in our minds and communication, so this really is an invitation to think outside the box. As Mercury enters Pisces, our minds join dreamy land as well, so this will be a great week (until the end of Pisces season) for creating art and getting intuitive insights.
Mars is entering Gemini on the 3rd, so thinking and communication are greatly enhanced. It is a great time for learning, strategizing and sharing your ideas. 

So to sum this up: Use the first 20 days of the month to take it slow, go with the flow, listen to your intuition, focus on the inner work, and learn and create – you are going to be glad you caught your breath before we enter Aries season full speed on the 20th with Venus following the next day!

With Aries being the first of the zodiac, this really is the time to hustle and bring all those ideas to life. You will be greatly supported in doing the #werk, so make sure you have a game plan so that you can get the most out of the fiery energy! 

This March truly supports you in your purpose, you get to lay the inner groundwork before you start building your dreams towards the end of the month. 

You are yearning to find your purpose in life but have no idea where to even start searching for it? Let me help you spark your inner fire with my 10 weeks coaching program – for more info click here & book a discovery call with me.

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