Spark your 
Inner fire 

Access your true purpose and become the fiery-passionate
Queen you were always meant to be.


You are not here to waste your talents and passions on a job that makes you feel miserable.
You’re sick of dreaming about life but never making it all come true.

You know what you want, you know you’re capable of being who
you’re destined to become.

You know that you are freaking awesome, you know that you are meant to live a life filled with passion, fun and a sense of purpose.
But you also know that as soon as you start daydreaming, that ugly little voice in your head pops up and tells you that you are not good enough, that you gotta stay in your lane, and you will fail anyway.



What happened to your dreams?

Remember when you left high school, and for a moment it felt like the world was your oyster? Oh, all these possibilities!

Weren’t we all so sure we would go to college, have a blast there, graduate and immediately land our dream job, that never really feels like work because it is exactly what we wanted?

Well, years later we know that it doesn’t work that way. 

Maybe you found out your dream job is very low-paid, maybe your parents nagged you to pursue business or law, maybe you changed your major three times because nothing seemed right. 

Instead of living your dream, you settled for a  job that doesn’t fulfill you. You wake up in a bad mood because you know you have another long day of work ahead. Your boss does not appreciate you enough, you keep getting tasks that you hate and your brilliant ideas are smashed because of budgeting or because “we don’t do that around here”.

After work you feel drained, you don’t have much energy left to do something, so you open a bottle of wine and rewatch Gossip Girl for the tenth time.

And you keep asking yourself: Where did I go wrong? 

When did life become so frustrating?

How long do I have to stay in that job that sucks the life out of me?

There has to be something better out there, this can’t be it. 



You are meant for something bigger. 


Now imagine this:
You’re working your dream job or you even started a business yourself. You wake up each morning with a feeling of excitement for the day ahead and you are radiating from within.

You walked away from your frustration. All those hours you used to spend worrying about the future and contemplating where you went wrong, are now spent having fun and enjoying life to the fullest.

People feel drawn to you because of all the positivity and energy that is surrounding you. They are inspired by your courage and your self-confidence, and how you unapologetically make your dreams a reality.

Everything you do, you do with passion because you know your purpose. You know what you want and you know all the steps to take to get your there. You act from a place of love and inspiration, and not because you simply want to get by. 

You radiate that passion, because you created the life that you were meant for. 

You are in full control of your life and you don’t only make things happen, you make freaking MIRACLES happen. 



If your actions have a purpose, you become unstoppable.

Is your 9 to 5 sucking the life out of you?

You are stuck in a job you hate, but whenever you complain about it, there are usually two responses: It’s either “Ugh, tell me about it, I hate my job as well” or “Don’t be such a b*tch about it, it’s just work, it’s not supposed to be fun”. But like… why shouldn’t we be doing something that fulfills and excites us? When did we all just accept that hating your job is part of life? It’s time to change that. 

What do you REALLY want in life?
You deserve so much more in life than to be wasting it on a job that fills you with dread and frustration. And it is not just about the time we spend at work, but it affects our entire life – when you spend one third of your day doing something you hate or that leaves you feeling angry, sad, unfulfilled, that will affect the other two thirds of your day as well. And you know that. You know that you are meant for more, you know that there is more to life than that. So the real question is: 


When did you take the turn down Ordinary Life Lane instead of shooting for the stars? 

What happened that led you to doubt yourself, that made you turn your back on the dreams you had as a kid or as a teenager? When did you just SETTLE for life? 

It was probably not a single instance that led to this. It was probably a long process of having your parents’ beliefs programed into you, of building up all these fears and self-doubts in your mind, all that is keeping you from even daring to dream. 

Wouldn’t it be so amazing to have all that out of your way, out of your energy field, and instead having the courage, the confidence and the passion to make your dreams a reality?



TRUST ME, I Know how you’re feeling

Ever since I was 6 years old, I had this deep longing for doing a job that was meaningful to me and I refused to accept that I had to do anything that did not fulfill me. 
When I graduated school, I did not know what to do with my life because I had no clue what that fulfilling job that I always wanted to have would look like. Well, that’s not entirely true, I would have loved to be a historian or an author, but realistically speaking, I would not have been able to make a living, or at least not a big one. 

So I settled for studying social work, which I loved in theory, but I couldn’t see myself working in that field. I became a social media manager and started working for my father’s company, but again, I knew it was not what I want to do. 
If I had a dollar for all the nights I spent losing sleep over “purpose” and wondering about what my dream job might be, you better believe I could pursue my author dreams in a beautiful villa in Southern France while sipping champagne.

Instead, it took me another two years until I finally found what I was meant to do: Help others in finding their purpose. The single biggest pain point of my life disappeared as soon as I figured this out, and I know it in my heart and soul that this is the work I am meant to do. So here I am! 
Equipped with the knowledge from my Bachelor’s Degree as well as a certification in shadow work (which played a vital part in me finding my purpose) and a certification as a life purpose coach that is still in progress, my mission is to empower YOU to make your dreams a reality and to live a life that not only fulfills you, but that sparks your inner fire, day after day after day! 



It is time to live the life you truly deserve 

Wave your limiting beliefs goodbye

Before we dive into your purpose, we do shadow work together to work through limiting beliefs that are holding you back from going for your dreams. You also learn techniques that you can use when fears or doubts come up, because trust me, they will!

Explore your talents and passions

Next we will deep dive into all the things you love and all the things you are great at. We tend to lose sight of what we once loved doing or we end up in a career where we can’t use our talents, but you deserve to work in your zone of genius that excites you!

Get crystal clear on your goals

We are not f*cking around with goals like “I want to be an author”, we are getting specific! What kind of author do you want to be, do you want to work in a field that excites you and you’re only writing in the evenings, what does your free time look like? Getting clarity on that makes it a ton easier to actually make it all happen!

Take action!

And lastly, we will create a Dream To Reality Plan that covers the tangible steps you can take – and then it is all about implementing and doing the things! The best plan is useless if it stays a plan, and a dream is just a dream until you make it happen. 

A 12 week coaching journey to get you from frustrated to fiery-passionate


You get: 

  • 12 weeks of 1:1 coaching
  • 8 calls with me 
  • Rituals to amplify your growth
  • Weekly e-mail check-ins  
  • Workbooks, checklists and cheat sheets
  • Journal prompts and visualization exercises

Your purpose is waiting for you

work with me for only 1111€!
(conversion rates may vary)

Call 1: Orientation

We are assessing where you are right now, we get to know each other and define the goals for this coaching journey.

Call 2: Shadow Work Session

In order to make room for your dream life, we are clearing out your limiting beliefs to remind you that you are WORTHY AF!

Call 3: Exploring your talents

This is where it gets exciting! We explore your skills and gifts and then dive into your archetypal blueprint that makes you so unique!

Call 4: Creating a life vision

We are getting crystal clear on what you want in life & put it into a personal mission statement. We are also drawing your Dream to Reality Plan!

Call 5: Working through blocks

Bad news is there will always be new fears and blocks to conquer. Good news is I’ll be giving you some techniques to battle them.

Call 6: Living a life full of joy

Now we explore who you are outside of work and see how we can bring in more fun! After all, life is all about balance. 

Call 7: Soul Deep Dive

If you ever doubt that you are meant for more, remember there is an entire universe inside of you. That is why we finish off strong with diving into your astrology and how your purpose shows up in it. 

Call 8: End of our journey, start of yours!

It’s bittersweet that our time together has to end, but this was just the start for you! In our last call, we are looking back on how far you’ve come and I empower you in your next steps!

Within the next three months, you will feel…


Once you have taken the steering wheel of your life into your own hands again and turned right onto Purpose Lane, you will feel like the Queen you are – no Prince Charming needed, you are your own hero(ine)! 

… creative!

Do you think you are not creative? Time to reframe that, girl! You create all the damn time, you don’t need to paint a gorgeous sunset or write the next Harry Potter to be a creative genius. Unleash that creativity that has always been inside you! 

… fearless!

Worrying and being scared gets us nowhere, other than a dark place we do not want to be at, so it is time to clear out those fears. And girl, you will be amazed to see how much time you have when you don’t spend all of it overthinking worst-case scenarios!

… confident!

Kiss those nasty self-doubts and that guilt and shame living in your head rent-free goodbye! Once you remember what you’re worth, you will feel like the bombshell you are – ain’t no stopping you now!

… passionate AF!

Purpose fuels passion – and all that we do with passion brings us happiness. And isn’t happiness what we all strive for in life? Take a quick moment and think of two things you are passionate about – can you feel that warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart? Now imagine your whole life makes you feel this way, and girl, that is how you will feel when you’re living your purpose! 

Just picture this…


You wake up in the morning happy and excited for the day ahead. Instead of rushing your morning, you take it slow and perform your morning ritual that helps you get inspired and grounded.

After you have had some sacred ‘me-time’, you get down to work and hustle with a motivation that you haven’t felt in YEARS. Why? Because you know your purpose and you know you are on the path to living that purpose, which gives you a feeling of serenity.

Yes, life still gets in the way, sh*t still happens and there is still annoying stuff you have to deal with, but you have established boundaries and know how to not let it mess with your head. And if it does, you know how to ground yourself afterwards again.

You get home and instead of watching Netflix for hours, you spend time drawing, writing, working out, whatever it is that brings you inner peace. You have finally understood what “work-life-balance” really means. 

At the end of the day, you feel thankful for another beautiful, fulfilled day. You finally feel at peace when you fall asleep because you know you are on the right path.

You are finally living the life you have always pictured for yourself but were to scared or insecure to actually go for. You have learned to be in flow, and you know that your self-care time is just as important as the time you spend working. 

You are a happier person and feel more at peace because you have cleared out so much negativity out of your head. This of course also affects not only your personal and professional life, but your relationships have also changed for the better. 

You radiate passion and excitement and you cannot wait to watch all your dreams come true. 


If you are still not sure if this program is the right fit for you, you can send me a mail to or you can book a discovery call with me! 


Is this program for me even if I don't want to have a business?

Absolutely! Not everyone wants to start a business, your dream and purpose might be completely different. And if you are not sure yet if you want to start a business, or have no clue what you want at all, that is fine too, we will figure it out! 

I'm happy with my job, is this program for me?

If your job truly fulfills you and you love it and you feel happy, then no, this program is not for you. But if you like or even love your job, but there is still a burning desire in you to try out another passion, even if it is just in your free time, then I can help you in figuring out how to get the best of both worlds. 

I can't afford this.

I know, it is a significant investment, but let me ask you: Can you really not afford it, or are you just not comfortable with spending that much money on yourself? Spending money on clothes, plane tickets and bills is easy, but when it comes to investing in ourselves, suddenly there seems to be no money to spare. But girl, you could be a HUGE step closer to the life of your dreams twelve weeks from now, isn’t a life that makes you feel excited and fulfilled more valuable than a new bag or a weekend trip to escape your current reality? I also have a payment plan available. 

I don't need a coach, I can do it on my own.

Girl, I believe that you are amazing and that you have the power to get everything you set your mind to! But at the same time, doing it on your own is HARD. Before I have personally invested in a coach, I tried to scramble all the information I could get, but having someone by your side who guides you through the process, who provides a framework for your transformation and who supports you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. 

How can you help me find my purpose?

To be honest with you, I cannot find your purpose for you, you have to find it yourself. I am providing you with the frame and the support to help you dream big and access your purpose. We are also using established methods that support you in finding what you are meant to do in life. 

Ready to uplevel?

Your purpose is who you are. 
It is what you love doing and being more than anything else. 
It is time to stop believing you deserve anything less than that. 

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