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What is a life purpose? 

I’m sure you have asked yourself this question before. Purpose is a word we come along quite frequently, and yet I believe we all assign it a different meaning. 

For some, it might be a career that fulfills them. 

For others, it might be to take care of others and cultivate beautiful relationships.

And maybe for some people purpose is literally all about having fun.

I believe that purpose is what you make it, but the common ground in whatever your definition of purpose might be is this: 

Purpose is why you are here. It is the thing you love doing more than anything else, it is what gives you inner joy and what you are excited to share with the world.

Your purpose is the thing that gives you joy, that excites you, that makes you feel like you are doing something meaningful, something that you feel is what you’re meant to do. You feel it in your heart when you do something with purpose. 

Purpose is what you are good at, what you are talented at, what you are passionate about. 

When you align your choices and your actions with your purpose, life flows easier. You become happier, more successful, more fulfilled. 

Purpose is WHO YOU ARE, not what you do. 

Purpose and career are still intertwined because in our society we define ourselves through our jobs. Even as little children we get asked what we want to be when we grow up, we study for years, and we spend at least 30% of each day at our job. 

Our work is part of who we are. And if you hate your job, if you dread going to work each day, if you dream about quitting and can’t wait until it finally happens, well, then your job does not align with who you are. 

You are meant to work your magic, you are meant to do work that aligns with your talents and passions, and you DESERVE to do work that fulfills you. 

Your purpose is more than your career, but if you hate your job, the first step to living a more purpose-filled life is finding a way to earn money that feels good to you. Start that side hustle, write that first blog post, take those photos, sign up for that master’s degree, or simply apply for a different job that is more suited to your needs and talents. 

And then we can look at how to make that free time more aligned with who you are meant to be. 

Purpose starts with your vocation, but in its essence, it is who you are, how you serve others, how you interact with them, how you inspire them by being YOU. 

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